Tuesday, August 20, 2013



According to the bulbous burl heads positioned on trees with big clacking mouths informing tourists,

"Stewart Kirby writes contemporary fantasy fiction set in the Northern California redwoods. He is the movie reviewer for The Independent for the past thirteen years,  he is the song-writing lead-singer for CrowMag, and he hosts the various programs on KMUD radio."

Touch the sword fern to hear:

"The Independent is Southern Humboldt County's only locally owned newspaper. Humboldt County is in Northern California, by the way.Southern Humboldt is the rural roots of the county, liberal-wise, Hippie-wise.
Since 2002, Stewart Kirby is the weekly paper's movie reviewer."

Tripped sensors hidden on the trail activate animatronic Bigfeet and skeletons of happy Hippies:

"He's had hundreds of movie reviews published weekly in The Independent and is looking to expand the operation."

"If you have a periodical and are looking for punchy professional prose, keep Stewart Kirby's insight in sight by including the actual, non-animatronic Stew on your writing team."

And then animatronic me says, "I love writing, I love movies." Clack, clack. "I believe a review is good if it's readable, informative, and supported with detail."

"Ha ha, that's right, animatronic me," I reply, now looking at you:

"Promote my writing and I'll promote your periodical.
Make me an offer."


Loads of movie reviews here on the blog.

Roll the blog on over and see 'em crawl all around.

So many reviews to choose...

Clack, whirr.

"Make an offer."

Clack, whirr.

"Make an offer."

Clack, whirr...

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