Thursday, November 13, 2014


write because you miss your kid
write because of things you did
write because you have some skills
write because you have some bills
write for the people who can't ever stand you
write for the job you can't ever land you
write and almost find out why
write and almost never die
write because your heart is soaring
write because the TV's boring
write the scenes where you look rotten
write about things you've never gotten
write of the bodies you took from the morgue
write of your Saturday mornings with Korg
write until you puke your guts
write so you'll be less the yutz
write with a pen in your goddam hand
write a book so it gets banned
write so you can be a Mister
write and maybe play some Twister
write when you feel your very worst
write with gumption if you durst
write your ass off or be chicken
write or take your cosmic lickin'
write, damn you, write
and it better be good. 

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