Wednesday, February 17, 2016

102 ON 101

Slippin' along
Below a chemtrail sky
Seein' those grids
Never wonderin' why
Took a little look in my rear view mirror
Saw flashin' lights comin' nearer and nearer

Well I pulled right over
And I picked up my phone
I couldn't believe
The cops were a drone
Rolled down my window
Though it wasn't my choice
While a scan hit my eyes
From the drone came a voice
That's when I knew that I was done
'Cause the drone said, "Hey now, son
We got you goin' 102 on 101"

They got me goin' 102 on 101
Said I was goin' 102 on 101

Well this just wasn't just
And I had to make my point
So I looked both ways
Then pulled out--
My license and registration
"Say Mr. Drone," I politely complained
But the drone didn't get it
'Cause that's when it rained
Sparks flew out and so did a gun
Then all I could hear was
"We got you goin' 102 on 101"

Lucky for me the rain carried lead
If it wasn't for that, I'd probably be dead
Because that drone falsely claimed
They got me goin' 102 on 101

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