Monday, February 29, 2016



Hi, I'm Gunter Svenson.

You know, I surely digs my beer.

However, all those empty calories add up!

I spent today milling redwood burl slabs, and I often swing an axe steadily for hours. Sometimes I hit the heavy bag hanging in the back yard, sometimes I ride a mountain bike. I've competed in a Highland Games competition without ever having touched any of the equipment in my life. This was half a dozen years ago. I didn't do the worst and I didn't do the best, but I was old enough to be the dad of every other dude competing. This was largely because I've done a lot of weight-training. I used to work out with Ritchie Brose, whom you can find at the end of Pee Wee's Big Adventure. He's the Tarzan in the background. That guy could do the heaviest incline press weight I've ever seen. I on the other hand was better at squats and pull ups. One day in the gym someone had a problem with a piece of equipment--a seat that needed to be adjusted, but wouldn't budge. Ritchie called out, "Hey Stew, you're stronger than me, see if you can get this thing to work." An honor, I assure you.

That said, there's no getting around my need to get in shape. And more than anything that means nutrition. If I would eat right, stop drinking beer and stop scarfing late-night munchies, I'd look and feel incredibly better.

This August I turn 50. I want to do it right.

So, way I figger, the process oughta make good copy. I'll just share what I do here. I think it's worth focusing on this for awhile to really get the ball rolling. I'll show you the weight deck tomorrow.

I know from experience that if I cut out beer, and instead let myself have a couple of small glasses of cheap burgundy, plus eat more veggies, drink more water, and cut out munchies, why, in a jiffy I'll be right as rain! How, pray tell? Why, I simply let my Fitness Buddha nature shine.

Already I'm quite pleased to think of the money I'll save cutting out the crud.


Rain today. I put in a full 8-hour workday before noon, out and about all over the county for the paper. I did a lot better nutritionally today by cutting out beer and having a healthy snack. Then I taught an evening class and now I want a coldie in the worst way. But just saying it here puts it in perspective and makes cutting the crud even easier.


Pop quiz, hotshots:

When do we make the muscle?


When we sleep.

Why does lifting weights make muscle?


Lifting hard tears muscle fibers, and when those fibers reconnect during sleep, size is added.

Why am I yelling?


Because I'm excited!

But now I must away...

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