Wednesday, February 10, 2016


What I like about teaching almost as much as the pay is having the protected time to stretch out on a table and get a nice nappy while the students teach each other.

Gonna repeat that: While the students teach each other.
That's when the real learning happens, and that's the art of teaching. Me getting paid to sleep. The Do Not Disturb sign on my boot hangs there for a reason. Those who require additional instruction are to refer to the handout which clearly states, "Well, what do YOU think?"

I love this Getting Started with Computers class. Teaching Creative Writing is totally different, mostly because to varying degrees the students don't want to learn as much as they want validation. A needy, thin-skinned environment won't help anybody. There it is.

Last night we practiced exploring the web. I point out the steps displayed in the book, then move around addressing individual needs, very often asking a student to show the others something just learned. This is a critical component to the class. The student that teaches learns best, so it's important that everyone does that, and I try to regulate it evenly.

By keeping things moving, I find the two-hour sessions fly by pretty quickly. We're actually a little behind the pace of the syllabus by about a chapter because I don't think it's as important to follow the syllabus as it is to make sure everyone understands what's going on. That just takes practice. Periodically I ask questions referring to what we learned in previous meetings.

"What's the difference between the hard drive, the CPU and the tower?"



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