Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Today's Facebook post bears repeating on the blog:

I can't get over this business of having to wave my hand to make my computer work. It's almost every time I go online. Just now, trying to access Facebook, it happened again: The procedure I attempt freezes up. This means I backspace in my URL, hit the letter "f," and wait for the rest of the address to kick in. Thinking about something else, I look at some papers off to the side, then notice it hasn't loaded. If I type in all the rest of the URL and hit enter before it's ready, things get worse. Unresponsive Script goes on and on. So I wait a few more moments. Take a sip of coffee, perhaps. Time passes. Gotta get on with things, can't wait anymore. And now it happens: I have huge hands. I hold my huge right hand wide open. As though I'm about to backhand the book shelves next to my computer. And then I wave it a few times, right toward the mouse, very vigorously, often cursing, just to help things along. WOOSH WOOSH WOOSH CURSE!CURSE! Then, bingo, the URL fully loads, immediately, highlighted and ready to go. That is exactly how I got to Facebook just a few minutes ago. As I've mentioned here before, I've gone into Radio Shack, explained this to the tech specialists, and elicited no surprise. They said what I already said, that there's electromagnetic energy going on. Nothing gets jostled. Nothing gets touched. It's simply my hand in the air. I have to wave my hand in the air to make my computer work online. Literally. Not an exaggeration. I find that quite remarkable. Hence my remarks.

That is all. Carry on.


Interview with the Kid

Q: When we first sat down at my computer a few days ago, do you remember what weird thing happened right away?
A: The computer was being glitchy. You waved your hand in front of the screen and it worked.
Q: Have you ever seen me do this on any other occasion?
A: Yes.
Q: Have you ever seen it not work for me?
A: No.


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