Sunday, April 17, 2016


Largely it's because of the word submit. I don't submit a goddam thing. I create. I am the creator. Just about anything you can point to is bassackwards, the publishing industry not least of which. I'm not gonna waste my time jumping through the hoops of worthless parasitic posers. Creator knows best, and that means me.

You'd have to be somebody I already deeply respected for me to go through all the hassle of sending something off in hopes of validation I don't even need. It's not my job to crawl around currying favors from the functionaries. I'm the one who makes it happen. Leeches get in line. Not the other way around.

That's the Big Daddy Hard Dog difference right there. Totally not fuckin' around here. I don't ever submit my work, and that's the secret of my success. I've taught Creative Writing, read my work on the radio, been asked to lead a band, been paid to write for multiple publications, gotten my books picked up in stores all around Northern California and Southern Oregon, I'm recognized wherever I go as That Writer Guy, and a whole lot of other things have happened directly because I created my own writing genre, Redwoodpunk, all without ever submitting my work. It's like being a chef and having to wait on the whims of some fast food clerk. Not gonna happen. I don't do it.
I got plenty other ways to make money. Nor do I sully my art loading this blog with ads. I got better ways to sully it.

And although it's not my motivation, as a by-product of realizing my dreams through writing, my empire steadily continues to grow.
This is the way to do it.
Here endeth the lesson.

We return now to our regular programming.

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