Monday, April 25, 2016


I left Facebook because Facebook is a waste of my time.

Theoretically, it could be a great forum for useful things. But human nature precludes that. Several people over the course of four years took on the burden of liking my posts all the time. Sometimes I felt guilty about that. Generally though, most people on Facebook kinda don't want to do anything that could be perceived as helping out somebody they used to know. They'd rather be voyeurs. They take the time to chime in with some sort of refutation on occasion, but mostly it's a lot of crickets chirping and tumbleweeds rolling because they just don't want to say, "You did something neat, and I'm honoring that." If they see an e-card with a cat complaining about Mondays, they'll like it and share it. If they see a short story or a novel or a screenplay or an article or a song from a guy they remember from Fifth Grade, their silence speaks volumes.

Because of Facebook we don't do class reunions anymore. There's no surprise. Nobody's curious. There isn't any actual communication. Just enough information to preclude it. So why bother? Blog, Google+, email, SoundCloud, and Twitter, so far, present much greater value. And without the stress.

I don't need potential employers or anybody else snooping around on Facebook trying to find negative ways to judge me. They can come right here for that.  

So today I deactivated everything, and I feel great about it. There are some people I'll miss. I hope they find me here.

It's for the best, though.

Thanks for checkin' in. Take ease!

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