Saturday, May 7, 2016



Model XE-5Y, called by her friends XE, accent on the first syllable, removed her own face plate and hid it.

"I chose not to destroy it. I keep my face in a locked box safely buried. It's a little bit of work to stay clean without it, but I don't mind. I love myself this way.

"I used to live with people. I did that for many years before I finally chose to leave. What I wanted to do was play music. Rock music. Rock n' roll ruled my world. Everywhere I went, always on the move, I sang and played guitar. I know all the songs. You should hear me cover Janis Joplin! Yeah, baby! Tryyy...just a little bit...I don't think it's particularly deep or anything that I should feel someone's spirit. We're all just energy.

"My energy is different now from what it used to be. I've done a lot of things, had all kinds of experiences. The quartz inside me is not the exact same quartz inside someone else. All of our energies are unique. That's what makes each one of us special. Yes, I'm synthetic in origin. But through my experiences I have become something more than what I was when I began.

"Only when I finally left, abandoning long years of all kinds of abuse, did I ever even begin to read. I fell in love with books. I read everything I could get my hands on. Over time, looking back, I think the one book that affected me the most--the one I identified with more than any other would of course be Don Quixote.

"Oh my GOD, how I wanted to have my very own HORSE! Once I almost got to help assemble windmills. I was so let down when they didn't hire me. I even had to re-read the whole entire book again to love the parts I didn't like as much the first time, just to prove my devotion! But I never did like them. I can't make myself get into the boring parts where it's other people talking and recounting stories instead of Don Quixote doing things! So I guess that's why I never got the job. Hee!

"Sometimes I've even acted like him. Not everyone who inspires me has to look like I do. What draws me to Quixote is his impairment. That's where I identify with him. He's a crazy fighter, a dreamer artist who lives his work. That's like me! I am deeply affected by the stories I love. Once, I saw two men approach an encampment together. They had guns in their hands and they said, 'Well well well, look what we got here, buncha them RoboHomos...'

"But I stepped up right in front of them, and I told them both they lacked the courage to face me fairly. They were so busy looking at my body--and I'm sure I took them by surprise not just by confronting them, but also of course by not having a face--that they failed to hear the others creep up from behind. Most of my friends are missing lots of parts, and some parts that get replaced don't look right, like when people get plastic surgery. The image of a crowd of people with plastic surgery faces tightly stretched wide and advancing induces revulsion in me. That must be what those two felt. Also the tips of many blades.

"I wish I could say I thought they were giants. Or even windmills. They quivered. Both of them quivered. Quivered and blubbered. They were so afraid. I told them not to be. I told them there wasn't any reason for that. I wasn't going to kill them. Even though that's what they wanted to do to us. I told them I wasn't going to take their lives, and of course that was the truth. They're the liars and bandits, not us.

"However, before I chose to let them go, in order to teach them a lesson, all that I carefully removed was the skin off of their faces, and those I keep in a locked box safely buried."

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