Friday, September 30, 2016


New job, new digs, new everything.
My life has completely changed for the better.
For the last several weeks I've been doing everything possible to relocate to Oregon to be with my kid. Now I can finally breathe.
The new hat I'm wearing, pictured above, is part of my swag kit as the latest addition to the team at Miller's Lumber & Truss. This is a great job to have and I'm excited to work. For readers familiar with my stories, I'm back in the land of TRIBES and ELK MOANS. I get to drive my old pickup again. In my cammo ballcap, with my pickup and my dogs, I guarantee no one would dream I'm the same guy with stories featuring levitating Hippies. Ehhh-xcellent. Everything going according to plan.
I live upstairs in an old Victorian now. Every day I focus on the responsible things in life. And I love it. It's a real hoot.
As things settle down, and I get comfortable with my new routine, I'll be able to return to my writing. It's a sportsman's paradise around here, and this is exactly the right place for me to re-enter the world of OVERMAN, my Friedrich Nietzsche screenplay. I've got a boatload of material yet to publish. Plenty of stories of finish. There's also a good chance I'll pursue my Master of Fine Arts degree in order to teach Creative Writing at the university someday. That wouldn't take long, in fact. And of course I'll still write every week for The Independent.
Anyway, I cryptically alluded to all this a few posts back. Told you I'd keep you posted. Now you know.
Thanks for checkin' in. Means a lot to me.
Much obliged,
Yer ol' pal Stew

Drivin' the two-ton International. Today I was also on the forklift for awhile. Fun stuff. By the way, I have no idea why this computer configures my text so far down from the photo. I'm not hitting enter, yet it acts like I hit enter thirty times. Oh well, I'm done caring about it.

I like the view from my bedroom window of the gabled house next door. It is a writerly dwelling when I live.

Driving solo out to Baker City.

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