Thursday, November 24, 2016


A tangle of tremendous branches thickly coated with bright green moss hanging high overhead lace together over the gray line of winding road like a protective canopy sheltering passersby below, and lichen-caked meridians dividing opposing lanes of highway stand like remnants of ancient walls from an elder time.

Abundant cream-colored cattails lining verdant slopes gracefully bob in winds tinged with ocean scent. Hour after hour, predominating shades of green and subdued earthy hues spreading about in all directions beneath the gray wilderness of sky soothe as much as stimulate the mind. It's a shame to see other cars go by. A shame to see the occasional billboard. Billboards for pot and Indian casinos. Ecstatic faces of lottery winners peeling at the corners.

Later on, having reached town, inside $70,000 trucks, drivers deep in debt resting elbows on doors and holding head in hand ignore each other as best they can, ignore transients lugging wadded garbage bags, loosely collecting along high walls of buildings decorated with fantastic murals, animatedly muttering together alone.

Smoked Salmon Fresh Or Canned, the signage advertises. Car Wash $1. WiFi Available. No Parking At Any Time.

It's a shame to see other cars go by, impairing the view with their presence. Commercials for new cars always show them alone. At one with nature. Little woodland creatures love to snuggle up with a brand-new car. Car commercials never show freeways with everybody else driving the same damn thing. The cars are always shiny and clean, emitting no exhaust, alone on roads that don't have billboards or garbage and the people inside the car within the ad are as shiny and clean as the car, never bickering, so well-adjusted, loaded with so much free time they just have to go hiking inside of their car on trails delicately decorated with lots and lots of lush wet fern.

It's a shame to have to see other people. They're never the way they should be. Hence the need for escape. Nothing is as pointless as existing in the moment. The best you can do is get high, maybe luck into some cash.

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