Sunday, January 1, 2017


Having included a semblance of work in my writing for the last few months, I'm beginning to see an overall picture take shape, and this is putting me in action mode.

I've begun revising preexisting pieces to fit together as chapters in a larger work. To reduce clutter and confusion, eventually I'll eliminate the original posts, but I'll do that only when the greater, integrated story is complete. It's pretty much been the plan all along. I just write about whatever and see where that takes me. Because work is right in front of me so much, it tends to bleed into my creative life. Fine with me. It makes regular life a lot more fun. All day long, every little thing is grist for the mill. I never sit around waiting to become. My credo demands I put my hundred thousand hours of practice to good use here and now, and this works out just fine.

ITHACA I'll revise into first person. The next chapter, YOU ARE MY RELIGION, I'll let end at the natural break. Neither of these chapters will have titles, of course. I had envisioned turning YOU ARE MY RELIGION into a short story where I kill someone as a sacrifice for my readers. Instead I'll leave that open for awhile and return with the next chapter to the work setting. As I get to know my coworkers better, and we get to know them, I'll share my background with a slightly revised form of WILL WORK FOR BOOKS. This should then lead easily enough, again with slight revisions, into BABY STEPS. At this point we'll know there's a divorced writer who's relocated to a town where he works at a home supply center. He goes on dates, he works with guys who spit, and it would seem he occasionally supplies unreliable narration. Or does he? One night at work shortly before closing he finds a hole in the ground hidden on the premises and, upon exploring it, discovers amazing wonders and incredible danger. At first his coworkers don't believe he found the place where all the mysteries of the world are revealed. Then he shows them, and everyone finds more than they ever expected...

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