Thursday, February 23, 2017



So here's what's goin' on: First I wrote books, then I was asked to be in a band, then was told, "This is YOUR band." I named us CrowMag, wrote a buncha songs, got a couple on the radio, got divorced. That put the kibosh on shit for awhile. Time passed. Planets spun. CrowMag's guitarist said from afar that I should meet his brother. I did. We hit it off. With my new lyrics and his banjo-sounding guitar, we traveled back in time and became Howlin' Stew and Muddy Ross. Then he introduced me to his drummer friend, whose neighbors get to hear us at least once a week without ever having to pay a dollar. First we were Mothers Without Masters, because that's a badass name. But then the drummer, Chris, aka T-Bone Sculley, said--and Tamson, aka Muddy Ross, agreed--that actually we should be Stew and the Sleazebags. And I like that one for two reasons: 1. It starts off with my name, which is a totally awesome thing to happen, and 2. it ends with Sleazebags. Dayy-um. Me likey.

Now then, what we need is better recording ability. Plus probably a bassist. And just more practice. But, what we have here so far does give a sense of the sleazy majesty.

HEAR ABOUT YOU is unique for us because it's the one time that T-Bone picked up a guitar followed by Muddy sitting down at drums. It was a spontaneous moment. Almost a minute in you can hear something like, "You play drums?" "It's been awhile." Then I stepped in with some lyrics, and the result is real purty. What a privilege to play with these Sleazebags. I love it. Enjoy!

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