Friday, May 19, 2017


Part of my writing process is sharing it here. Sometimes the stories finish fast, and sometimes they take awhile. I've found if I share at least an idea, I tend to come back to it and contribute more. To wit, the current ongoing story, KRAZY KARTOONZ, which began here as a post consisting of notes and impressions.

So what I'm seeing here so far is a story about some lone individual who, disguised, does daring deeds on behalf of worker's rights. He appears at night in a sort of quasi-costume consisting of overalls, boots, gloves, an N-Ferno hood, long-sleeved solid color shirt, and shades, sometimes with a tool belt, a big sledge-like hammer, a big sharp knife, an axe, a maul. Whether he named himself or not, I'm not sure, but he's known as El Obrero--the Worker.

Here's the pissed-off developer who wants to put up a giant wall.

His name: Wally.

Wally likes shot guns and hires goons. A belligerent man, Wally favors a bull horn and loves his larger-than -life tougher-than-nails persona in the media.

Because of this coverage, which quickly goes global, in Germany, sightings of Der Arbeiter arise. In Russia, Rabotnik. Other pro-worker's rights individuals around the world dedicate themselves to amazing moments of bravery, causing no violence to people, and rather only disabling machinery destructive to human dignity and rights. NOTE: Need a few more particulars there.

Not living in a perfect world, he might have to go ahead and teach lots of goons important lessons with hedge clippers, nail guns, a couple of picks and a Maddox.

And there might be an alien ninja.

Not sure.


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