Friday, May 12, 2017


In about a half dozen years I've had the privilege to write and sing songs for a couple-plus bands. I say plus because one musical incarnation consisted of just me and a guitarist.

CrowMag, my first band, has several excellent tunes. I include in my primo list what I think are our four top numbers:

Surfboard Cindy
We Went to Town (On a Bigfoot We Found)
Ultimate Poem

Howlin' Stew and Muddy Ross have a couple songs that merit inclusion:

Mothers Without Masters

Mothers Without Masters is story title, a song title, and a band name (which by the way I want to return to with a new lineup). MWM at some point became Stew and the Sleazebags. A few months of jamming once or twice a week resulted in eight songs that I like best:

MWM - No Good Reason
MWM - One More Night
MWM - Dirty Energy
Stew and the Sleazebags - Overqualified
Stew and the Sleazebags - Hear About You
Stew and the Sleazebags - Lumber by the Train
Stew and the Sleazebags - Went to Town
Stew and the Sleazebags - Lotion in the Basket

Check out my profile on SoundCloud. When you're there, just scroll on down. Some tunes have multiple versions. I'll take down the lesser ones as new material demands.

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