Sunday, August 6, 2017


THE SECRET UNDERGROUND BASE surgically-altered Bigfeet of our love, having crashed spectacularly free from confines, bound into the forest with new eyes, new voices, a new life to share together far from the Area 51-like madhouse.

Five long months of torture passed wherein the two could see each other only from a distance. Long hours strapped to tables with tubes and machines.

Whole huge story there.

But then, at just the right moment, they break free together, and now in the mountains alone the two finally stop at a beautiful mossy spot with an amazing view of the sunset. Which to them, being nocturnal, is great. Maybe not as romantic as seeing the sun rise, because that's when you go to sleep when you're nocturnal. But at any rate they look at each other, these two Bigfeet with surgically-altered minds and throats so that they can speak, which they do. Except that one was taught French and the other was taught English, which makes things even more complicated. They feel like they knew each other in another life. And they did! That was the life they knew as a fully mated natural primate couple before a black ops team of scientists found them and did all their shit. Which, as it turns out, is a good thing because now they have each other. And they look at each other, deeply. I mean really deeply. The entire mountainside, high and remote, all theirs, has quieted. They look at each other in the dusk light.

And they kiss.

They kiss a mad fierce Bigfoot kiss, kissing with all their Bigfoot might, with their faces sliding around and their tongues going at it, moaning and grunting, grunting, moaning, grabbing, squeezing, rolling all around in their new Paradise like the wild untamed animals they are, these hairy giants of our love.

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