Friday, August 4, 2017


Well then there now.

And so we come to it.

That Fateful Day, the Dreaded Day when, finally, must be's gut.

Cue Rocky theme song.

Time to get in shape. No more coasting. No coaster, I. Crunches! Pushups! Incline dumbbell flyes! Etc, and so forth!

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! GO, GO!

Aahh, ehh-xcellent...everything falling into place...

Her little bit of English meets my little bit of French.

The challenging limitations of the language difference also present an interesting advantage because one cannot use the same old verbiage and be able to trust in the accuracy of Google Translate. You have to speak simply, and from the heart. You have to get to the essence.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to pick up a lot of Francais.

Now, regarding my gut, it's rugged. Many times I say, "Go ahead, punch it." And then the puncher says, "Wow, that's hard." However, proportions. It looks bad.

So now I have the impetus for change as I have never had before, and enough time to do it.

I need to eat a lot less cheese. Much much less cheese. I need to keep healthier snacks on hand. I need to drink a small glass of wine at night instead of several beers. And even though I work construction, I need to maintain a workout routine.

Today I'll hit Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. Tomorrow Legs, Back, and Biceps.

Beans and rice for dinner with a side of peas. Note: must get more veggies.

Oui oui!

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