Thursday, August 7, 2014


I have in mind a John L. Sullivan biopic.

It starts out mid-fight.

John L. bridged bare knuckle prizefighting
to boxing with Marquis de Queensbury rules.

The Boston Strongboy interests me for a number of reasons,
not least of which being his straight-forward slugging style
eventually matched against the dancing jabs of
Gentleman Jim Corbett, bank clerk.

There's something about a bank clerk darting in
and dancing around the bloated John L. that speaks
to the economic condition.

John L.'s trainer was an ex-wrestler named William Muldoon. Muldoon had some crazy ideas about fitness considered state-of-the-art at the time which I think would be interesting for us to see taken totally seriously. It's also interesting to me for the lead character to have a story arc ranging from challenging anybody to a fight in a bar, then eventually becoming a bloated teetotaler telling everybody not to drink. 

I'm seeing a whole lotta movie here.

Gonna call it STRONGBOY.

We hear the sounds of bare fists impacting on flesh in a sweaty din of screaming men.

The year is 1882 and it is the 8th round of an illegal prizefight held in Mississippi
between reigning champion Paddy Ryan and the challenger, John L. Sullivan.

A clubbing blow from Sullivan sends Ryan to one knee. Wild William Muldoon, Sullivan's trusty, crusty trainer, barks advice from a roiling throng...


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