Monday, November 3, 2014


Starring Dan Aykroyd,
David Sereda,
Gordon Cooper,
Paul Hellyer,
John Hutchison,
Ken Storch
Directed by David Sereda
Running time 81 mins.

          It’s not new, it’s just interesting. In fact, it’s been with us for years. And it’s freely available on YouTube.
          In the 2005 documentary Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs, UFO enthusiast David Sereda sits down with Dan Aykroyd and has an amazing conversation.
          For those familiar with Aykroyd from “Saturday Night Live,” and the Conehead alien which he played, the idea that Dan could have something serious to say on the subject might just seem too far out.
          “It was like Einstein was hiding inside of a comic genius,” says Sereda. “Dan Aykroyd speaks about UFOs as if he was a full professor on the subject.”
          Striking UFO footage over many years from many varied sources around the world interspersed with Aykroyd’s cogent commentary compels.
          Astronaut Gordon Cooper, President Ronald Reagan, and sundry members of the military attest in the documentary at various times to the validity of the subject. Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Defense Minister, is the highest-ranking member of the G8 to state unequivocally that UFOs and alien beings are not the stuff of science fiction, but actual fact.
          According to Hellyer, there are many different species of alien living with us now, and among them some that look just like us.
          In considering the rapid progression from the Wright Brothers to the Space Age, Aykroyd points out, “In a hundred years since fabric and wood we’ve come to advanced metallurgy, fuel use, and propulsion.” Try therefore to conceive of a species with a million years of technological advancement over us.
          One of the great things about YouTube is the related material that appears with a search. Among the names one finds associated with this subject is former Lockheed Senior Scientist Boyd Bushman. “Boyd Bushman on Antigravity Propulsion Devices” is another of David Sereda’s conversations worth investigating.
          One experiment Bushman conducted with magnets inside of a rock showed him that altering the rock’s magnetic field affected its gravity. In both the Bushman and Aykroyd conversations, the fascinating antigravity experiments of John Hutchison also arise.
          Another related search, ponderously titled “Robert Lazar – Ex-worker of Area 51 Tells All About Flying Saucers and Aliens – Secret Space Program,” offers insider insight into reverse-engineering a UFO.
          Lazar recounts how as a scientist working for the military he studied a craft which he came to realize was not of earthly origin. He describes the interior of the craft as ominous. “It feels as if you shouldn’t be there.”
          Among the array of interesting things Lazar has to say, UFOs such as the one he studied create their own gravitational field. Inside the craft--the walls of which one can see out of--matter and antimatter are combined into pure energy. Turns out, violating the first Law of Thermodynamics is crucial in artificially creating intense gravity in order to modify time and space.
          Boldly go and check it out.

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