Saturday, January 3, 2015


Form and content in poetry in particular used to be extremely important to me.
So important, I had to show it. A lot.
Listening to birds outside my window, I was driven to express in language which didn't just capture the sound, but also visually propelled the experience. When I wanted to reveal the concealment of Sasquatch, I saw in the form a way to show the content.


turns beats written in English
gradually into claw-like marks
fading away which could just
as easily be multiplied increasingly
into total overlapping blackness,
a shift in form speaking to the
shift in understanding the
language of forbidden knowledge.

Forms of Bigfoot
openly hidden in the content.

and the way hidden forms
extend the more we look
fascinated me like a mental
Big Bang
so much, and for so long,
it's part of my DNA.

Reads straight across,
and diagonally, too.

Palindromes and anagrams a must.

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I teach Creative Writing for College of the Redwoods
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Welcome to the Redwoods!

Hey, wanna see a giant flea?

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