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In this compelling documentary available on YouTube which originally aired on the SyFy channel last July, Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell states, “I have no doubt that extraterrestrials could very well have populated or made structures on the far side of the moon.”
Featuring gigantic artificial-looking structures on the moon never seen before on TV and expert commentary, Aliens on the Moon reveals NASA archives lunar orbiter footage containing vivid features of inexplicable structures. According to the filmmakers, “nobody can explain what the structures represent.”
Some of those structures look like pyramids. But there are far more than pyramids on the moon. In the ‘70s, petroleum engineer Vito Saccheri was astounded to find in the book by George Leonard, Somebody Else Is On The Moon, photos of what look like strange lunar structures, and approached NASA for more information. Initially stonewalled, Saccheri was eventually granted access.
“At that moment,” says Saccheri, “the whole occasion turned. It became almost solemn. Because we knew what we were looking at. And we knew what it meant. There are structures there. There were pipelines.”
“We knew we were looking at an existing or at least an ancient technology,” he continues. “These things were built, and they were built on a huge scale.”
Regarding what appear to be huge radar installations and more, Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, says, “I suspect they’re looking at us.”
Dr. John Brandenburg, the former deputy manager of NASA’s Project Clementine, responds to photos of unidentified lunar objects, or, ULOs: “Of all the photos I’ve seen from the moon that show possible structures, the most impressive is the picture of a miles-wide rectilinear structure. It’s unmistakably artificial, and it shouldn’t be there.”
A former NASA employee says doctoring photos is part of the job. But it hasn’t happened to all of them. Some of the photos show physical structures of an alarming scale that conventional science can’t explain.
Was Apollo 8 a last-resort military staging reconnaissance mission? Why did we stop going to the moon?
According to one astronaut, we didn’t.
Russian researchers reveal that the Soviet mars probe Phobos was approached by a large unidentified object before contact was permanently lost. The object in the photo taken by a second Soviet probe shows something huge resembling a similar object found on the moon.
Neil Armstrong’s cryptic comments made in 1994 about NASA pulling back a veil of secrecy would seem to take on new light.

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