Monday, February 1, 2016


Directed by James Fox, Tim Coleman, Boris Zubov
Written by Tom Christopher, Tim Coleman, James Fox,
Jackie Gardner, Robin Lee, Boris Zubov
Runtime 94 minutes

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell calls this UFO documentary “the most compelling film on the subject to date.”
Beginning with the March 13, 1997 case of the Phoenix Lights, I Know What I Saw showcases a wide variety of eyewitnesses to something gigantic floating over the capital of Arizona. According to retired Northwest Airlines captain Trig Johnston, “If you can imagine something the size of Camelback Mountain floating down Scottsdale Road, you have some idea the intensity of this thing.”
A retired state trooper was the first to report the profoundly enormous and totally silent unidentified flying object. At least hundreds and probably thousands of residents witnessed it for hours. “If you opened up a newspaper,” says one witness, “you could not block out the object we saw.”
In the words of another, “People say, Mike, nah, you saw a B2-bomber. My response was we could land all forty of our B2-bombers on the wing of that craft.”
Among the witnesses was also the governor of Arizona. Initially Fife Symington tried to downplay one of the largest UFO sightings over a major metropolitan area on record. But attempting to make a joke out of it backfired. Ten years later, while moderating a National Press Club event on the subject pushing for full government disclosure, he apologized for making light of the unexplained sighting, and revealed that behind the scenes, he was making inquiries to the  boomerang-shaped craft, one or two miles wide, and no one had any answers.
“It clearly had a shape to it,” according to Governor Symington,” and it was a big shape, a constant shape. You can’t control flares that way.”
“It’s coming across the sky,” witness Tim Ley describes, “and as it’s moving it’s blocking and unblocking the stars.”
Phoenix Councilwoman Frances Barwood was one of the only elected officials willing to push for an investigation. When she got stonewalled, she wrote a letter to Arizona Senator John McCain. And then he got stonewalled. No one had any answers. Eventually, a 2013 report proved that all military aircraft were grounded the day and night of the sighting.
The case of the Phoenix Lights is one of many instances covered in this fascinating documentary where Air Force generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries convene to discuss similar events. These are the most highly credible witnesses possible, and they all say the same thing: What they saw could not possibly have been made by human beings.
In the words of Mercury 7 astronaut Col. Gordon Cooper, who details his own sighting of a UFO, “In my opinion, I think they were worried it would panic the public if they knew someone had vehicles that had this kind of performance way back in the WWII period of time. So they started telling lies about it.”
Freely available on YouTube.

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