Friday, February 17, 2017


If there's one thing TV taught me growing up it's that extending a thumb and saying, "Aaaayyy!" is really cool. But wait...perhaps you don't remember the Fonz? Ah, that's because you're half my age. And that means you're like most of the people I see every day.

I happily confess it does seem a tad askew. Most of the people I work with are twenty-five, give or take a couple years. My band mates are also twenty-five, give or take a couple years. A lot of the women I go out with are half my age, too. Being me is like being an incredibly bald vampire. (Nosfera-Stew. Gonna Nosfer-rockyou!)

Keep in mind, when the eighty pound bags of concrete mix need lifting, I lift two or three at a time. Not the norm. When a forklift needs more propane, I never take the truck across the street for a freshie. I carry an empty on my shoulder and walk back with a full one because it's fast and easy. For me. I'm the guy who initiates the arm wrestling and I'm the guy who wins. Quickly. I see people every day who are younger than me, but look and act aged.

And it's not like I'm tagging along with the band asking them to let me hold the tambourine. It's my fuckin' band. Again. Even with paltry recording devices and no bass player (so far), we straight up rock.

What makes my going out with women half my age particularly special is that I don't have any money. I'm just super rich in everything else. I could totally be interested in women my own age and older. Usually the problem is that they're done with men. Might be because they never met me.

Not one particle of my being waits for money. Pining for validation motivates me not in the slightest. I don't write to pay my bills. I already pay my bills. I never dream or aspire or hope. I simply do. The experience is the payment.

I don't own a TV. Not owning a TV is something else TV taught me. I don't passively watch inferior shit, I actively create superior shit. Knowing exactly where to put just the right comma splice, too.

Anyway, been pretty busy. But I haven't remotely forgotten about the ongoing story. Chapter 11 in THE GOLDEN CITY is in the works. Before drinking deeply of that next chapter, I want to thank you for checking in with a hearty "Aaaayyy!" because I appreciate the time you spend with me here in this devout and ad-free zone of the energized mind.

Much obliged.

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