Sunday, June 23, 2013


I woke up to snow covering the entrance to my cave. It is July, and yesterday was so hot an ice cube would melt in a second. Not the kind of weather I like. So why was there a blizzard? Not that I don't like it. I like snow.

Well I went outside to check it out and I saw a gigantic metal disk with blinking red lights fly through the air and land about a hundred yards away. I started over to see what it was, and then what came out of the disk startled me because it was not from this planet.

They were ape-like, with either blue or green fur. The skin on their hands and feet was black. They walked on two legs. Their eyes were like two huge almonds. Their teeth were sharp and red, and at the top of their heads were two large horns.

I blended in because my scales are white, and I was okay until I started back to my cave. They noticed the movement and started to come over. One of them pointed a metal stick into the air. Something sharp flew out and exploded. They made a circle around me. They had the metal sticks pointed at me.

Then suddenly one of them jumped on me. It hit me in the head, and I was knocked out.

When I opened my eyes I was in a cage, and was being guarded by a pair of aliens like the ones I saw earlier. They turned around when they knew I was awake. They asked me who I was.

I told them the truth. That my name is Frost, and that I am a dragon.

They told me that they are Sorths, and their names are Qwet and Asud.

Soon the Sorths led me out of the cage and gave me a room. I realized that I was in the metal disk. My room had a window which I often looked out of. It was how I realized we had left the planet.

After awhile, Asud pointed out to me our destination, which was a green and black planet. For about two days I watched the planet get closer and closer.

One day Asud mentioned that the planet was called Xequa, and that it was the Sorth's home planet.

We landed in a field, but instead of green, straight grass, it was blue and curled. Asud and I got out, followed by many Sorths. At the edge of the field there was a deer-like creature.
I turned my head to look at Asud who was smiling at the look of surprise on my face. From the way she acted, this creature was normal to her. But it certainly was not normal to me. It had a circular body with eight legs jutting out from all sides and four deer-like heads on long deer-like necks. One head was pointing north, another was pointing south, one was pointing east, and the last was pointing west....

Words and pictures by Amber, age 9

For the next installment of FROST,  stay tuned!

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