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In this ancient parchment may be studied the unwholesome land that is Humbaba County. 
Top town: Tertia. 
Then Carata, the college town.
Then Egeria, the county's largest city.
Fernden, with its theater and cemetery.
Darrow's Bend.

I consider local business an integral character in most stories.Local business gives a town its flavor, and is the sticky lifeblood of any community.

Carata – Bookin’ It
              Carata Co-op
              Das Bagels
              Hola John’s

What Carata had that Egeria lacked was a whole lot more of a laid-back feel. Nowhere was this more true among the active businesses in town, than at the Carata Co-op, which boasted a better selection of beer by far than all the liquor stores in town combined, and carried the seriously best bagels to be found in California, or New York, or anywhere in between, and therefore also the world. Those were made two blocks over at tiny little Das Bagels, and if those among the largely student population patronizing that store couldn't take the time to stand in line, or didn't want to burn the carbs walking or biking to or from the campus, they satisfied their munchies at Hola John's with a big bean burrito, or maybe a veggie wrap, probably prepared by a mellow chick from San Francisco, Seattle or LA, sporting dreadlocks or a crew cut, having emigrated to the area for the trees and weed.

              Nepal Noodle
              Rodeo Video
              Soy Boy
              Utterly Cutlery
              Whey To Go
              Wire You Hear

Egeria – Buy ‘N’ Large
              The Informer (newspaper)
              Maim Street
              Rodeo Video
              Wall Street Mart

Fernden – Automatons
                 Claire Voyant’s Used Books
                 Fernden Cemetery
                 Fernden Farms Creamery
                 Fernden Theater
                 Rodeo Video
                 Statuary or Bust
                 Taco the Town
                 Viscount Discount
                 Wide-Eye Tie-Dye
                 Yoga Yogurt

Madrani – The Burl Barn
                  Kung Food
                  Madrani Cafe
                  Madrani Market
                  Just Desserts
                  Whispering Woods Motel

Drakewood – The Druid
                       The God in the Tree Gifts
                       Potted Plant Nursery

Dreem – Crystal Clear
               Dreem Cycle
               Dreem Date
               Shape and Shade

When stores opened in the bird-busy morning on the day before the Fernden Fair, Hubie at Automatons straightened up the voodoo dolls, and the dangling clang of long wind chimes outside Wide-Eye Tie-Dye provided a pleasant temple-like effect. Bed and breakfasts were getting gussied, candy-colored Victorians gleaming in the lifting fog.

            Hubie had some music going on inside, and it was quiet enough on Main Street that “The Sound of Silence” drifted out when he opened up the windows to let the morning in. Puppets on display bobbing softly in the breeze seemed to watch with painted eyes as a Celica puttered past, in which Mary Annette Reynolds sat driving on her way to work.

            Down the sidewalks, trimmed trees with foliage swept up appeared loosely in her mind like one-legged Marilyn Monroes. LIVE STAGE PRODUCTIONS, proclaimed the Fernden Theater marquee. She could not see it clearly, but caught a quick glimpse of the poster which she knew announced the upcoming show.

Bargerville – The Barger Burger
                      Bargerville Theater
                      Common Grounds
                      The Freethinker (newspaper)
                      Holy Smokes
                      Rasta Pasta
                      Sofa So Good
                      Victory Eviction Services
                      Wok This Whey

Radley – Bramford’s
               Brew Ha Ha
               Bulk kluB Gym
               Daring ‘Do
               Mojo Dojo
               Radley Recycling Center

Noiselessly the hover scooter slid the standard three feet approximate over the road as though in an invisible gelatinous river. His job was to head over to the high school and a few other places at some point in the day and check out a couple things here and there, basically make sure the problem spots in particular never got a chance to freeze up. He took it slow past Madrani Market and Madrani Café. You couldn’t take a hover scooter very fast anyway, and most definitely not his. Past the market, off to the right, the heavily forested mountain rose forever up, green trees growing and going on and on, past the gray wisps of clouds hovering kelp-like over the town.

Laibrook – Laibrook Inn

Whale Harbor – Oceanside Health Center

Arbora – Arbora Body
               KANG Radio

Rome – Flap! Jack’s
              Mein Hair

 Much obliged, folks!


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