Saturday, March 5, 2016


Got a big red shirt
Hands dark with dirt
Wearin' plaid
'Cause I'm dad
Wake up the kid
"Where your socks hid?"
Onion on the skillet snaps
Don't forget the coonskin caps
Down the rocky road we go
She holds the arrows and the bow
We're headin' to the river
With her bow and her quiver
We bring lotsa lunch to munch
I packed cookies on a hunch
We throw rocks into mud
We discuss Elmer Fudd
And "Bunny of Seville"
This is how we chill
When I show her how to shoot
We don't even give a hoot
I show her how to shoot it straight
How to pull and breathe and wait
I show her how to shoot it safe
I've shown her since she was a waif
You can understand if it's something you did
Shooting arrows in the forest with the kid

And now...

Let SUMMER 2016 begin!

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