Sunday, March 6, 2016


The print book contains two stories, HIDDEN SPRINGS first, and then THE MESMERIZER

Click the link to check out the first several chapters of THE MESMERIZER:

The print book has three stories which take place in two worlds: The first one, DRIFTING ROOM, introduces the environs of both.

Click the link for DRIFTING ROOM:

I wonder what life would be like if the world wasn't one big field of cotton?

Click the link to read the short story GRAVEN IMAGE:

I read this one on the radio for half a year in half-hour show installments.

Click to read LOST COASTER:

The preceding representative material comprises only some of the dozens of stories in the Humbaba County cycle. In the extensive array of my fiction thus far may also be found several fantastic tales ostensibly intended for younger readers--CELIA OF CELUPIAR, THE ADVENTURES OF SQUIRREL GIRL and others; a sword and sorcery novella set in a pre-cataclysmic age, OMANDRUIN; a screenplay based on the German 19th-century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, OVERMAN; stories primarily involving work experiences, such as TRIBES; sundry articles on all manner of subjects, including SURFING WITH SHARKS, an article I wrote for The North Coast Journal, selections from the hundreds of movie reviews I've written for The Independent since 2002, and much more.

Type in my name at and scroll down the variety of audio opportunities on my profile page. Listen to stories and rock out to the groovy stylings of my badass band CrowMag. In particular I recommend SURFBOARD CINDY and WE WENT TO TOWN (ON A BIGFOOT WE FOUND).


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