Saturday, May 7, 2016



Sometimes a TAL won't speak at all. The only vocalizations MegaHurts makes are grunts, shrieks, and barks. So the only way MegaHurts actually communicates is by writing.

"People look away when they see me. What they see is the disrepair of my body. But I am not my body. I keep my body in the peaceful beauty of this forest.

"In the forest I feel connected. Sometimes I have to step away to look for things I need. But I always return here to recharge. What I do is I find a place to lie down, then ask the listener within myself to connect with the energy flow. When I do this I feel myself become lighter. My aligned electromagnetic spine allows my energy to more freely flow. To the listener within myself I say I wish to receive the wisdom of the central crystal of my being. My energy field makes me brighter. The energy increases through my circuits and expands beyond my body. I have seen the expression of my higher self ever since my manufacture.

"The purpose of my existence was to help grow plants. There was never any question of that. I was an essential part of an industry designed to help human beings connect with the energy all around. I remember vast places with long endless rows of tall green plants growing. I did everything required to make sure the plants grew strong. When I came around, they already had drones. And they said that a drone could do the work of ten. But drones weren't just slow, they couldn't think. And they said I could do the work of ten of them.

"Then, with some of my own ideas, in fact, they found a better way. They didn't need me anymore. I got discarded. I've gotten a lot of help from really nice people over the years. TALs aren't the only ones down in the woods, though. I was told that some guys who used to grow but got replaced found me. They say that's why I can't talk right anymore. And that's why I look like this. I think probably so. But I really don't remember."

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