Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Ye olde writing room.
This is where I wrote everything now available.

In the winter it got so cold in this windowless shop, the ink in the ballpoint pens wouldn't work.

The Archives Book Store horror aisle sports a poster of reanimated corpse Will Todd covering his grave back up in THE MESMERIZER.

First print book.

Second print book.

First audio book.

Because of a book reading, I was asked to lead a band.

We became CrowMag.

Having had zero experience with music, ten months later we were on the radio.

I got paid for some of LOST COASTER to be serialized monthly. I really love that.

The Hemp Connection buys my books.

Branscomb Radio Shack buys my books.

Lots of businesses buy my books.
Much obliged!

Sometimes I'm invited to read. Always an honor.

I get local street cred as the movie reviewer for The Independent.

I used to write by hand more than I do lately. Need to get myself another nice li'l journal.

As much as I love seeing my books in a wide variety of stores around Humboldt County, even more than that I like seeing them gone.

I'm the Creative Writing instructor for College of the Redwoods at the Garberville site.

For six months on the first Thursday of every month
from 5:00 - 5:30 pm I presented my radio show
I'll put the finished story in print this year with some short stories.

Thanks for checkin' out my literary action!

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